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Arthritis Specialist

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Arthritis can affect any joint, but it’s often particularly painful in the feet and ankles. At Foot & Ankle of the Carolinas in Matthews and Monroe, North Carolina, experienced specialists Eric Ward, DPM, and Blaise Woeste, DPM, offer highly effective arthritic foot and ankle care that’s focused on pain relief, stability, and healthy movement. Book your appointment online or call either office now.

Arthritis Q & A

What is foot and ankle arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition in which joint inflammation leads to pain, swelling, joint changes, and often restricted movement. There are well over 100 varieties of arthritis, but the forms affecting the feet and ankles the most include:


Osteoarthritis happens as your joints wear down over the years. It often causes pain and stiffness and can happen on one or both sides of your body. For example, you can have arthritis in just one ankle or foot. 

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a severe type of arthritis caused by immune system malfunction. It happens when your body attacks healthy joint linings, leading to swelling, pain, and possible foot and ankle joint deformity over time. Usually, rheumatoid arthritis is symmetrical, affecting both of your feet at once.


Gout typically affects only one joint, usually in your big toe. This type of arthritis happens when you have excessive uric acid in your joints, which leads to crystal formation. The crystals cause severe pain, swelling, and heat in your affected joint. Eventually, gout can cause restricted joint movement. Gout symptoms come and go.

Another form of arthritis that can affect your feet and ankles is post-traumatic arthritis. It occurs after trauma to your foot or ankle, such as a bone dislocation or fracture.

When do I need foot or ankle arthritis treatment?

If you have foot or ankle arthritis, regular podiatric care is essential. In the early stages of arthritis, you might not notice major problems. But, as a progressive disease, it causes more intense symptoms over time. Fortunately, with early intervention, you can slow down arthritis progression and potentially avoid problems like severe pain, restricted movement, and even disability. 

If you're already suffering severe arthritis symptoms in your feet and ankles, Foot & Ankle of the Carolinas can relieve symptoms like pain and stiffness while helping you reclaim mobility.

How do you manage arthritis symptoms?

Foot & Ankle of the Carolinas offers individualized arthritis care. Some common treatments options include:

  • Custom orthotics
  • Footwear changes, including prescription shoes if needed
  • Topical cream for pain relief
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication
  • Exercises to improve strength and flexibility

Foot & Ankle of the Carolinas can combine treatments for maximum symptom relief if needed.

Although there's no arthritis cure, there's also no reason to suffer. Foot & Ankle of the Carolinas offers effective arthritis solutions so you can live a comfortable life. Book your appointment online or by phone now.